5 Reasons Why Terraform is the Best Tool for Cloud Infrastructure Management

As the cloud computing world grows, managing infrastructure has become a tedious task. Today, cloud infrastructure management is critical for business success, and this is where Terraform comes in handy. Terraform is an open-source, cloud-agnostic infrastructure as code software tool that allows for automation infrastructure deployment. With Terraform, you can create, manage, and update infrastructure. In this article, we will dive into the reasons why Terraform is the best tool for cloud infrastructure management.

Reason #1: Multi-Cloud Support

Cloud technology has revolutionized infrastructure, and companies are recognizing the importance of running multiple cloud services to meet specific needs. Each cloud provider is unique, with its own APIs and syntax for managing infrastructure. This makes it difficult to switch between providers or mix cloud providers. However, Terraform provides multi-cloud support, allowing users to use the same code for multiple cloud providers. This is a great feature since teams can choose the best infrastructure provider for each project, without having to learn the intricacies of each cloud provider's syntax.

Reason #2: Reusability

Terraform makes it possible to reuse code across infrastructure components regardless of the provider. This is significant since the use of cloud infrastructure is growing exponentially, and with it comes complexity. Terraform uses a declarative syntax, which makes it easy to read, modify and reuse code. You can create reusable infrastructure components using Terraform modules. Modules are pre-written sets of code that can be used multiple times in different environments. Terraform modules enable teams to collaborate and distribute code, saving them a lot of time, and simplifying development pipelines.

Reason #3: Immutable Infrastructure

The infrastructure deployment process is a critical aspect of a successful system. Traditional infrastructure approaches involve manual processes that take time and effort to implement. However, with Terraform, you can use immutable infrastructure that can be deployed and destroyed automatically, using code. Once you define your infrastructure, you can deploy it in a repeatable, predictable way. Immutable infrastructure ensures that you have the same infrastructure every time, and it eliminates the risk of manual errors or configuration drift.

Reason #4: State Management

Terraform state files are critical because they describe the current infrastructure state. Terraform stores the state files locally by default. However, state files can be stored in remote locations such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, or Google Storage. Having a remote state file enables teams to collaborate on infrastructure code without the risk of overwriting each other's work. Additionally, remote state files can be version controlled, providing an audit trail and making it easier for teams to revert to a previous infrastructure state if needed.

Reason #5: Community Support

Terraform is an open-source project, and this has resulted in a large and active community support. The community provides free support, documentation, and examples of Terraform usage. The community also provides modules, plugins, and other features that contribute to the growth of Terraform as a cloud infrastructure management tool. Additionally, Hashicorp, the creators of Terraform, provide commercial support for Terraform users.


From multi-cloud support to community backing, Terraform is the best tool for cloud infrastructure management. Terraform's ease of use, immutability, and state management qualities make it a perfect fit for cloud infrastructure management. By leveraging Terraform's capabilities, teams can automate infrastructure deployment, making it simpler and cost-effective. Terraform also makes it easier to collaborate and rapidly deploy infrastructure, giving teams a competitive edge. Grab your copy of Terraform today and start managing your cloud infrastructure with ease!

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